The hardest thing sometimes is letting go. We may think we are not strong or brave enough when we haven't even given it a go. Let go of what no longer brings you that joy. Anything which causes you an imbalance in your soul, will reek havoc in your life, one way or another. Be brave. ~ Sonia Pasqual

Welcome to my page and welcome to the possibilities that we can create together. I am a teacher, a guide and most of all I am in service to help people and be their catalyst to reaching HIGHER ACHIEVEMENTS! I do not believe in maybe's, I believe in great possibilities and creating them each step of the way. At times doubts can set in for each of us, but the best part is crashing it down with the inner strength and inner knowledge of seeing through is heavy fog of illusion. I am so honored to be apart of this journey on Earth. It took a lot of years of self work and self healing to appreciate being in this incarnation. Helping other's to see through the fog of illusions and open up to their own Light is my calling. I AM A TEACHER. I AM HUMBLE. I AM FUN. I AM PLAYFUL. I AM REAL DOWN TO EARTH. I will only work with you when I am 110% ready to give my all. Are you ready? Then let's open some doors together. Blessed Be. Namaste. ~ Yours truly, Sonia

Sun Gazing

The Archangel Uriel is one of those Archangel's who works with us on this 'Remembrance'. To remember and then to our own selves being true, can be the hardest thing to work through. Either our upbringing, this world, or we ourselves have programmed ourselves with LIMITING BELIEFS. This is where the biggest problem comes and one thing I know, it is not a problem that can not be solved. As an optimistic woman, I believe and I am living proof of miracles and manifesting greater possibilities to occur. Limiting belief's serves us to a point. There is something called, choice. Once you choose, then take action, breaking through those limiting belief's causes shifts like no other. Positive, acceptance, allowance and those are only a few possibilities... Sonia works with people who are ready to expand in their consciousness, connection to the Archangels, Mediumship, Energy Healing and more...

A simple, yet powerful prayer:
"Oh that you bless me indeed, that you expand my territories, that you keep my hand in yours, and that you keep me away from all evil." ♥
~ The Prayer of Jabez

A simple and powerful affirmation:
"All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory."
~ Access Consciousness

Soul Healing & Consultations
In person

What: Soul Healing opens up a person who is ready or willing to heal certain areas of their lives. Consultations are provided to help you gain a constructive perspective on how you can heal deeper and where in your life may be blocks, resistance, stagnant energy or anything no longer serving you.

Where: Spiral Circle Bookstore, 750 N. Thornton Ave, Orlando, Florida 32803

When: Wednesday's only by appointment, during store hours 10am to 6pm!

How: By Appointments Only, offering 15, 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions. Email to BOOK Appointment.

Payments: Credit card payments via Paypal sent to or in person, cash or money order paid in person. No personal checks.

Also the session can be another way to:
Raise your vibrations and receive more joy in your lives, transform the areas in which you'd like to see changes. Let go and get the clear guidance on what is holding you back. Get insights and guidance on love, relationships, career, finances and more to create more joy and wholesomeness.

Phone or by Video Chat

Sonia has conducted over 9,000+ phone sessions, this doesn't include her in person sessions. Her clients are high for returned callers who are able to manifest, experience and create break throughs and more with this intuitive, warm-hearted life coach. She is here to help you and be a 100% honest and compassionate. No sugar coating*. Email to book an appointment today!

with Sonia via

Sonia also known by her adopted name Violett Flame since 2001, has been giving online sessions via phone since June 2003 professionally. has allowed Violett Flame (Sonia) to reach and help people on a global level. Violett Flame is humble, down to Earth and full of Gratitude to be apart of this journey to help others. Working with people to give them insights, guidance, healing, and more.

Enlighten with Truth
Radio Online

Enlighten with Truth Radio online offers an array of spiritual expanding segments reaching thousands world-wide. Your host Sonia Pasqual enjoys having segments that focus on spirituality, sexuality, health, wellness, miracles, energy, potency, awareness, money consciousness and angels!

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