Enlighten with Truth Radio Presents ~

Doorway to YOU: 11:11 Energy & Meditations

the show has been recorded/archived and you can listen to it!

This is a special segment just for YOU to have tools from
some of the World's Foremost Healers and Teachers! This is a vision from Spirit, orchestrated and organized within 8 days total. This is a Global Contribution, from participants who are willing to be a contribution world-wide. We are all in Gratitude for this opportunity to create Oneness, share, give and come from our Hearts, in communion with other Hearts.


Show love and care to all the people around you

and to those you meet in your life today.

So when someone asks you, "Are you in love?"

Then you can proudly answer,

"No, love is in me!"

~ Anonymous

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Enlighten with Truth Radio presents ~

"Doorway to YOU: 11:11 Energies and Meditations"

Enlighten with Truth Radio has a special presentation for 11:11 Energy Doorway. This show is a Global Contribution for you to receive guided meditations from some of the world's foremost healers and teachers.
Each meditation will be guided and provided to you for awakening to who you are, awakening to your Higher Self, raising your vibration and supporting you during these times of major CHANGES! A guided meditation can be used as a tool for helping you to access deeper parts and aspects of yourself. Guided medtiations can facilitate us in the new paradigm energies, which are creating great shifts in and around our life, living and Beings. This is a special 11:11 vibrational energy contribution to you, providing energy, dynamics healers, and the opportunity for you to FEEL SUPPORTED by these profound teachers and people who are here to help you be all that you can be. The more we are willing to step into our Highest Potential, releasing that which holds us back from being ~healed, happier and creating the life we would like to have, it opens us and others up to expansion on many different levels of consciousness.

Thank you to all who is a contribution to this global project contribution, I AM guided by Spirit to make this happen, so that people will have ways on how to maneuver and tools to use which are my heart-felt intentions and the reason why I offer so much free radio shows, blogs and messages to assist whosoever would like to receive some guidance in these times of confusion, emotional ups and downs, drama and traumas and dealing with relationships. ♡ What is awesome is we all have unique healing ways of reaching out and connecting to people.

With all my L O V E ~ Sonia Pasqual

It was a fantastic and great show for 11/11/2012 global Spirit-led contributions ♡

**Here are pre-recorded audio files and YouTube links from those who could not make our Live Show call and have expressed an interest in contributing to this time of ONEness ♡. Thank you ♡

Click on the links that are available below to listen to their contribution. Thank you so much, L O V E ♡

  • Debbie Zita of Unlock your Best Life, Higher Self Connection (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Zoraah Mock, Six Sensory & Mental Health Coach, Abundance Balancing & Activation (Vancouver, British Colombia)
  • Beautiful Chorus: (Worldwide) Infinite Universe
  • Beautiful Chorus: (Worldwide) Being of Love
    Beautiful Chorus is setting out on an adventure into the Mojave Desert of Southern California. There, we'd like to record an album of RESONANCE MEDITATION at The Integratron, and tour the area, bringing the experience of Live Resonance Meditation to people from all walks of life! If you'd like to help us make this journey, you can visit our Indiegogo page and also receive some really cool perks for your contribution. More on Beautiful Chorus


This song came to me after a nap and asking Spirit to give me more guidance on this project Global Contribution. What a great song, I had not heard the hold thing before.

"Find light in the the beautiful sea
I choose to be happy
You and I, You and I
We're like diamonds in the sky
You're a shooting star I see
A vision of ecstasy
When you hold me, I AM alive
We're like diamonds in the sky.
Shine Bright like a diamond.
Shine Bright like a diamond."

Listen to the Youtube Song: Rihanna - Diamonds in the Sky ~ Lyrics

Here are my recent blogs (Spirit led always ♡) posted on Enlighten with Truth facebook page:

"Heart Center, a Stream in Which to Flow"
by Sonia Pasqual 11.08.2012

As we go through a very tough time, some of us experiencing sadness, loneliness, frustrations, confusion and drama in our daily lives, we will be seeing the opportunity of a Heart Centered openness to heal, transform, serve us, renew our Being and provide us with the all encompassing power of the Divinity within ♥ Some of us will be experiencing the opposite, as we will begin to feel the lightness of this shift come upon us daily, as we begin to create with and within the New World paradigm and create a structure for other's willing to travel to knowing themselves more. But before we can create within this beautiful dynamic energy, we must first harness our own new abilities and explore who we truly are with Spirit, in Oneness, Peace and Harmony.

As way-shower's we will first have to step fully into the new energies of the New and experience first hand the power of our Divine Being, as we no longer neglect any parts of our Self and we find what is our truth, our direction and know our importance in this moment, each and every day. For we are no longer in the OLD, therefore we will be learning how to stay on our course, remain focus, gain clarity, create in the new and gain new Guidance in our new Lightness and body. This is all part of the ascension and greater possibilities which are now available for us. It is only through the energies within the center of our Heart, do we continue to expand and grow, and are able to provide non-judgmental guidance and compassion for those who still struggle and face challenges in the OLD... To continue reading click the link Heart Center, a Stream in Which to Flow by Sonia Pasqual

"For the Lonely Hearts: You are Loved"
by Sonia Pasqual 11.09.2012

This is for you, the ones who feel as though they are alone, that no one is relating to them, their cause, their life or feeling their heart beating off beat. This is for those who cry at night, tears run during the day and you suffer in silence under this moon and sun and feel lost in your life and living right now. Every day, when you awake and rise off your bed, you wonder exactly what is today going to bring? Not sure even if you want to get out from below the covers and face another day, suffering in silence and keeping your pain hidden by the fear of being judged, misunderstood or ignored. Well, I have to tell you brother, sister, you are not experiencing this alone, there is another side to the Consciousness, when you feel like you have to pull it together and push yourself throughout the day, there is another way of life and living.

Have you ever had a dream that felt so very real, when you woke up you could not believe it was not happening, it did not happen for real? How could it feel and seem so real and be real, how could you go through all those motions and it not be real? Yes, it was all just a dream that was so very vivid! That is the other side of the Consciousness, a part of us that exist, that is also so very real, which is beyond our mental and physical comprehension. However, our very Soul and our life force, our Spirit, and our Higher Self is passengers in our experiences of the physical, that once we choose to access the channel and connect to the other side of this Consciousness which lives in our Core Being, that part of your stomach that hurts when you are over giving, that part of your Being that folds up on the fetal position when you are pain, that part of you that says, "Oh my God" when you experience something earth shattering beneath you. That is the Core part of yourself which is connected to this part of that Consciousness, which is not physical, mental and has nothing to do with this dimension, Earth, or reality. It is when you can allow the pain to take a back seat, and catch your breath, breathe in, exhale slowly and breathe in again, when you let the worries and the panic subside be put on the back burner, that is when you can begin to connect with this Consciousness. To continue reading click the link For the Lonely Hearts: You are Loved